One of these days the sky's gonna break
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2017-12-10 11:45:14 - Inside the matrix
Always eager to look into new technology, we've decided to take Offscreen Colonies, and create a version that you can experience in virtual reality; we're happy to announce that it is now available from the Oculus Store for free, not only making it available for a whole new audience, but also making it probably the first demoscene product to receive a PEGI rating!
2017-05-03 11:58:43 - Round three!
You know it speaks volumes of a party when it took us two weeks to realize we haven't written a news item about it - Revision 2017 ran through us with some amazing competitions, netting us a second place in a frankly insane 64k compo and three Meteorik award wins, including Best Demo! And of course if you haven't yet, it's a good time to take a look at our new intro called Vessel.