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About Us

Conspiracy as a concept

Conspiracy (usually shortened to CNS) is a Hungarian demogroup.

In other words, we're a small group of multimedia artists, dedicated to create realtime visuals on computers. We're entirely doing our work under the Conspiracy moniker for free, solely for the fun. (Albeit some monetary gain is always possible, but it's never the main focus.) Our aim is, simply speaking, to push boundaries in several senses: we want to see how much content can fit into very little size, we want to see how good realtime visuals can look, and most of all, we want to see what we are capable of.

We formed on the 18th of November, 2002, as five friends who decided that their respective current working environments needed expansion, almost as an experiment whether people who've been knowing each other for some time can actually work together. Apparently, it worked out. We gained some members since, but the overall feel never really changed; we're still just a very compatible collective of guys, who enjoy working with one another.

Conspiracy as a group

Conspiracy currently consists of eight people:

Barna "BoyC" Buza
lead coder extraordinaire, father of the a.D.D.i.c.t. introtool series and "business relations dude" (basically the guy who takes care of promotional things and etc.)
Gergely "Gargaj" Szelei
all-around coder and backup-musician, maintainer of website and demoscene relations, spawning concepts every now and then
István "Innocent" Major
musician and hardware person, with a couple of useful thoughts about synths too - officially ceased activities, but continues to lurk around
Márton "mrc!" Ekler
effect-coder and semi-designer - allegedly ceased activities since 2004, but we don't believe him
Mátyás "TrX" Terstyánszky
designer and typographer, optionally cook, hardware and happiness supporter
László "Vincenzo" Vincze
musician at any number of bits from 8 to 32 by day, fledgling designer by night - also stated to have ceased activities
Kornél "Xenophobe" Felföldi
Newly added musician and aural aggressor, more often than not eeriely circled by poem samples.
Zoltán "ZooM" Szabó
lead designer and graphics artist, main torrent of concepts and ideas, hence also probably the most overworked person of the group

Conspiracy has always been somewhat picky considering memberships. In reality, we condone an unwritten (but often mentioned) rule about member drafting: "If you want to be a member, you never will be. If we want you to be a member, you must." This has been the mantra so far, and it seemed to have worked too.

Conspiracy as an entity

Conspiracy has been a productive machine over the course of years; we had a streak of really nice results at various demoparties, had people interested in our work from outside the demoscene, made great friends with several likeminded fellas, and had a lots of fun - and of course, we plan to continue that as long as possible.

Apart from our contributions to various 64k competitions, we try to aid the community as much as possible: In recent years, among others, CNS has been responsible for various organizing duties behind the Function demoparty, the webportal, and several other projects.

In the end, we probably spent more time on Conspiracy in the last few years than anything else - and was it worth it? We'll leave it up to history to decide, but we definitely enjoy it at the moment.

Conspiracy as web presence

If you wish to send us a mail, open up your favorite mail client, and compose a letter addressed to crew at We will all get a copy. (But no, we don't want a cheap way to acquire an OEM Adobe Photoshop. We wrote our own.) You can also send mails to the respective members using the [nick] at formula, and there's a handful of wonderfully social links at the bottom right in case you want to make yourself look a whole lot cooler.

Additionally, we're still proud addicts to IRC, so hop up to IRCNet to the channel #cns in case you want to point and LOL at our STUFFZ.