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2024-04-06 - Emticles and Arpires
In case you missed it, we have releasedour first 64k intro with our new toolchain! There's also going to be some more content in the articles section about how it works, so keep your eyes peeled.

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Conspiracy is a small Hungarian group of multimedia artists, aimed to create realtime visuals on computers; formed in the November of 2002 and currently consisting of seven people, we had a streak of nice results at various international demoparties since.
The demoscene is a worldwide non-commercial computer art subculture that specializes itself on creating demos, executable programs which produce - in real time - engaging computer graphics and music. The main goal of a demo is to show off programming, artistic and musical skills by using only the computers processing power to display music video-like animations.

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Minimal engine file formats of Conspiracy intros

by BoyC / Conspiracy
The final executable for a 64k intro is nothing more than the engine packaged together with a datafile and its loader. The loader parses the datafile and builds up the structures and resources required by the engine to run the release the same way it does in the tool. Separating the code and data this way is **one of the key insights** in creating a modern 64k intro - the compressibility gains are insane. This article is a summary of our experiences with minimal file formats as we've been through a couple iterations. ## Problem Definition Like any data driven piece of code, a 64k engine works by having certain data structures and resources in memory that it evaluates during execution. While working in the tool these structures usually have some additional metadata that helps the editing process, but isn't actually needed for demo playback (think of things like names, graph node location, organizational folders, etc.).

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