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About Us

The demoscene

Conspiracy is, at least the way we like to consider it, part of an international community called "the demoscene".

The demoscene, strictly speaking, is a worldwide non-commercial computer art subculture that specializes itself on creating demos, executable programs which produce computer graphics and music in real-time, meaning that everything you see is calculated on screen the moment you see it.

The most common difference between the demoscene and other computer arts is that demos need to involve programming skills to be able to provide the full trinity of code, graphics and music. In a way, what we do as demos is treating the computer what it really is - a large collection of computing resources, which should not be laid to waste.

This, in a way, also means that the demoscene, and demos in general, serve as a medium for the people involved for a way to show off their skills, convey their artistic view or message, or even to shock the audience. Demos are an artform where skill and art are inseparable, because of the nature of computers.

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