Chaos Theory


2014-04-25 03:39:40 - Chip 'Em All!
We didn't want to be too predictable so we did something completely different up next: a chip-metal musicdisk neatly wrapped in a retro adventure-game package! Make sure you buy the EP including the full tunes in lossless at!
2014-04-05 19:54:20 - Omg Omg Omg
We did the thing! We made a intro! Our new superintro Supermode, released at NVScene 2014, is available for your enjoyment! SUPER!
2013-08-08 19:15:56 - Tubing the You
We decided to spend a few days on capturing and converting our releases and putting them up on our brand new YouTube channel - enjoy! (It also comes with a Google+ page, if you're interested.)
2012-04-18 22:06:06 - Opensource Extravaganza
These last few days were kind of crazy with a whole bunch of demogroups opening up massive amounts of source code for the public, including us. Our little pack containing the sources of our demotools and several of our intros can be found here.
2011-05-28 17:25:15 - Gone social
We've joined the rest of humanity in 2011 and created a Facebook page. You can like us and whatnot over here.
2011-03-03 00:37:48 - Da Mixtape
Want to see all the Conspiracy productions in one uninterrupted show? Head over to our friends at!
2009-10-06 15:25:58 - Keepin' it movin: The Actuator!
Finally, the moment you've all been waiting for: Conspiracy is back in 64k! We made a 64k for MAIN 2009 entitled Actuator, to show you that we'll still lurking around the corner waiting for the ambush. Get it now!
2009-05-21 18:52:31 - Long time no post.
Geez, the last news item was over a year ago. Anyway. We released a demo at Breakpoint 2009 in cooperation with Brainstorm and Bitfellas: a little teaser for the upcoming ZINE diskmag!
2008-02-08 03:58:52 - New Project - "Coma" video
Take a look at the latest crushing music video by New Project called Coma, featuring snippets of Chaos Theory! (Spread the word, since the music is excellent!) We're also hoping to work together with the guys on a next video, hopefully with exclusive material, so keep your eyes peeled!
2007-11-18 19:25:13 - Conspiracy is 5 years old today!

Conspiracy is 5 years old today! *\o/*

In other news, those having a multicore system with an nvidia card, go and download Chaos Theory, Memento and Binary Flow again cause the particle bugs have been fixed. Beyond and Project Nemesis have the same bug but are a bit more tricky, so those will come later.