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2014-04-25 - Chip 'Em All!
We didn't want to be too predictable so we did something completely different up next: a chip-metal musicdisk neatly wrapped in a retro adventure-game package! Make sure you buy the EP including the full tunes in lossless at http://strayboom.bandcamp.com/album/bleep-and-destroy!

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Conspiracy is a small Hungarian group of multimedia artists, aimed to create realtime visuals on computers; formed in the November of 2002 and currently consisting of seven people, we had a streak of nice results at various international demoparties since.
The demoscene is a worldwide non-commercial computer art subculture that specializes itself on creating demos, executable programs which produce - in real time - engaging computer graphics and music. The main goal of a demo is to show off programming, artistic and musical skills by using only the computers processing power to display music video-like animations.

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GPU Based Texture Synthesis

by BoyC / Conspiracy
I first experimented with texture generation in 2000. For a while I didn't really get far because there weren't too many resources on the topic - until I found an article written by Ile/Aardbei, which I still highly recommend to anyone new to the subject. The article you're reading is meant to be a follow up to Ile's - we now have graphical hardware that is basically built to do this sort of stuff, but using only the GPU to implement a texture generator can be tricky due to the nature of pixel shaders.

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One of these days the sky's gonna break

One of these days the sky's gonna break

Depressive space noir.