f07 - The Function 2007 Invitation

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Chaos Theory


"One Constant Remains."
An up-tempo, high-energy journey through various representations of entropy - by far the heaviest, most aggressive intro we ever did.

Download: http://conspiracy.hu/get/21/cns!ct.zip
.WAV-writer: http://conspiracy.hu/get/22/ct_wavwriter.zip
High quality video: http://conspiracy.hu/get/33/Chaos_Theory_by_Conspiracy.avi
Soundtrack (256k MP3): http://conspiracy.hu/get/34/Gargaj_-_Rude_Awakening_-_Chaos_Theory_soundtrack.mp3
720p video: http://conspiracy.hu/get/44/Chaos_Theory_720p.mov
Release date: 2006-08-06
Released at: Assembly 2006
Final ranking: 2nd
Awards: AniBOOM Experimental Category Winner - 2007  Scene.org Awards 2006 - Best 64k Intro 
Nominations: Scene.org Awards 2006 - Best Direction  Scene.org Awards 2004 - Public Choice 
ARS Electronica PRIX 2007 - Computer Animation / Film / VFX
Also spotted at: Ghost in the Shell - Hungarian DVD release
Bitfilm Festival 2006 3D space category
Axn Sci-fi TV station
Pouet link: http://www.pouet.net/prod.php?which=25774
Googlevideo: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=2759320782973525829
Homepage: http://chaostheory.conspiracy.hu